Difrax Microwave Steriliser
€33,00 €18,95
Difrax Microwave Steriliser
Sterilize safely with the microwave sterilizer. The Difrax microwave sterilizer kills harmful bacteria on baby items within minutes. The microwave sterilizer has room for four S baby bottles, teats, pacifiers, breast pump parts and accessories. Including connection to sterilize the breast milk tube...
€33,00 €18,95
Michael Aram Bunny Cup w/ Spoon
This collection is inspired by the joy and wonderment of children. They are objects that may capture their unique excitement at the world around them and our precious memories of them as they experience the world. "There is no greater...
€165,00 €95,00
Child safety & baby safety set – perfect safety for your baby
About this itemPerfect safety: Our childproof lock protects your child or newborn in all areas of your home.Everything included: 2x nipple brush 2x Baby carriage hook 1 safety forced 1x disney jobstick 2x safety corner guard 1 child safety edge...
€59,00 €23,95
Babycare Bendable Spoon & Fork Set
Bc Babycare 3Pcs Reizen Bendable Baby spoon fork Set Gemakkelijk Grip Hittebestendig Peuter Baby Training Servies Met opbergdoos,Koop van verkopers in China en van rond de hele wereld. Profiteer van gratis verzending, aanbiedingen beperkt in tijd, makkelijk retourneren en bescherming...
€25,00 €14,95
Baby Spoon & Fork Set 2-Pieces
Baby Spoon & Fork Set 2-Pieces
€24,00 €14,95
Kub Baby's Tableware set - whale animal design silicone & insulated
Silicone is a practical and reusable material... The softness of the material makes it sturdy in the hands of eager children, that are learning to eat themselves... and the silicone surface makes the mat non-slippery - if the plate ends...
€30,00 €14,95
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